Dark Horse White paper design

In this design, I aimed to create a visually engaging and informative white paper that effectively communicates the companies’ mission. The layout and typography choices are carefully crafted to enhance readability and guide the reader through the content seamlessly. Throughout the white paper, I integrated visual elements such as infographics, charts, and diagrams to illustrate […]

e-Magazine Cover design

Hello there! Today, I am thrilled to showcase a series of multiple cover designs created for a single publication. This collection demonstrates my ability to bring diverse creative ideas to life while maintaining a consistent brand identity. Each cover design offers a unique perspective, engaging readers and enticing them to delve into the magazine’s captivating […]

Interactive eBook in EPUB (Fixed Layout)

This work represents a fusion of technical proficiency, creativity, and attention to detail, resulting in an immersive and visually captivating reading experience. The objective of this project was to develop an EPUB document with a fixed layout, ensuring precise placement of text, images, and other visual elements throughout the publication. In this project, I carefully […]

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