• pencil
  • paper
  • Adobe Illustrator

This camp was led by me so I was my customer. The worst scenario, right 😉

I started this camp in 2016. The mission of the camp was to have fun, educational and informative summer while learning Russian. It was indeed fun! Kids loved it so much that they asked me to continue lessons during a school year. Summer camp become a weekly class where we spoke Russian, did art and craft projects and tried new things.

Check out our Facebook page to see what we did at Dragonfly.

My process

First, I drew some ideas on paper. The key words were summer, fun, and dragonfly.

I chose some ideas that appealed to me and reproduced them digitally. I also played a little bit with fills and lines in black and white mode.

Then I narrowed even more and played with color and fonts. This camp was created for kids so the logo should be active, fun, and even crazy!

However, at the end I decided to calm it down leaving a little bit of craziness in the font.

The customer is happy!


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